My first time surfing was at the age of fourteen.  My parents let me use a surfboard and a boy about the same age as me helped me stand up and push my way through the water. It was clumsy but fun.

Fast forward ten years…

At the age of twenty-four I tried again.  I started to go surfing on the weekends with my parents, eventually renting, then purchasing a board for myself.  It only took one good ride for me to get surf stoked!

Almost fearlessly, I would head to the beach on my own.  I looked like a beginner for about ten years.  Didn’t I say something earlier about clumsy…yeah, that’s me.

Jen surfboard2

When I was home, I would spend my free time painting murals for my daughters’ bedrooms and playroom.  This was my way of relaxing.  I debated quitting my I.T. job to do art many times but as it turns out, I love my job so I’m enjoying both.  I paint in the evenings to relax.  And the more I paint the more I can’t wait to get up the next day and paint some more.

Surfing on the other hand, is where I feel the most like myself.  There’s peace on the water and I can’t help but feel the presence of God when I’m sitting on my board.  I am humbled and grateful for my time on the ocean waves.

My goal for this website is to show you my love of the ocean and nature by sharing my art with you.

Jen's favorite surfboard
See you at the beach!

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