Welcome To My World

My lovely husband likes to refer to me as ‘the least techie tech person’ he knows.  I’d have to say that there’s validity in this statement.  My twitter account, which I barely used, was recently hacked.  I didn’t even notice until months later.  Recently I’ve been on a quest to reset my user accounts with new passwords.  The big dilemma…where to save them?  Let me just say, on a piece of paper is not a good place.  Within two weeks I lost my passwords and I’m in the process of resetting them yet again.

Currently, I’m still studying for my Cisco exam.  Studying on my lunch breaks is far from sufficient.  Now, if I could just give myself a break and get down to business I might be able to take my exam in the next few months.  My fellow employees keep asking me about it and I’m no where near ready.  I want to study but I also want to paint, workout, spend time with my kids, my dog, at the beach, etc.  Praying for direction and focus sometimes feels redundant.  I want God’s direction but at the same time I want to move forward in my career.  Sometimes the two intersect and sometimes…well…I’m not quite sure if they do.  For now I’ll just keep plugging away.