Spring Surf


Ok, so to be honest with you, I haven’t surfed in over a year.  Not because I don’t want to, but I was a little pre-occupied with getting married and working on our new house last year.  Our one attempt at a beach weekend didn’t turn out as planned.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer.  There’s just nothing like the salty air, sandy toes and surf time with family.  I just checked Surf Guru’s website and the water is still a chilly 63 degrees but, it’s getting there.  The Easter Surf Fest is coming to Cocoa Beach next weekend and we’re considering driving over for a day to watch the competition.

My goals for this year are to enjoy my honey, family and home, spend some quality time at the beach, paint more and get back to normal working hours.  I find that I’m a much happier person when I get the chance to relax on the weekends.  Hubby and I were moving full steam ahead this past year and realized we both need to find time to recharge.  He needs to ride and I need to surf.

Now that it’s in print, we have to do it, right?

See you at the beach!