Easter Surf Festival, Cocoa Beach


Every 3 years or so I try to make it out to the Easter Surf Festival at Cocoa Beach.  I love it because it marks the beginning of the surf season for me.  The water is starting to warm up and the sun is bringing the temperature nearer to 80 degrees.

Before I got out of my bed, I checked the water temp on my phone, 73 degrees.  I lay in bed staring at the wall thinking about the beach.  Finally, I got up fixed a pot of coffee and went to look at my surfboard.  “Dang it!”  My board has a crack in it about 3 inches long.  I was planning on doing a little surfing but that didn’t happen.  I decided not to worry about it since Taylor wasn’t planning on surfing anyway.

We arrived at the festival about 10:00 and they were in the process of holding the under 12 boys surf competition.  We grabbed a piece of beach and watched the competition.  It was such a beautiful day and a great time.  There were several vendors set up and they even had a tented area ready for the morning sunrise Easter Service.

About 12:00 they held the tandem surfing competition.  This was the first time I’ve ever watched tandem surfing up close and personal and it was wonderful. It was such an amazing display of strength and athleticism.  Also, there was a dog surfing competition that we were able to watch for a little bit.  It was pretty cute and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to attend.

I’m considering planning for next year already.  Maybe we’ll teach our dog, Brienut, to surfing and sign her up for the competition next year.  I think it’d be nice to stay beach-side and spend a day or two watching the competitions. It makes for a fun weekend.