Surfboard Shopping

A little over a week ago my husband and I stopped by RedDog Surf Shop in New Smyrna Beach to look at surfboards.  I just finished my inaugural surf day for the spring and wanted to check out some boards.  Normally, when I go surfboard perusing I look, touch, check the height and shape and keep moving.  I haven’t actually purchased a board in about 12 years.  I expected this to be like any other trip surfboard shopping.  Which it was, until I engaged a young employee regarding what I was looking for.  And boy, did I get way more information than I was expecting.

He went on about epoxy boards (which I wasn’t planning on buying) and how the amount (liters) of foam in the board matters.  I could ride a 6’4 board if it has such and such liters of foam in it.  His manager came by and said they had some Sweet Potatoes and Baked Potatoes and they weren’t talking about food.  I saw the exact same board over and over, or so I thought.  My head was swimming with information when I left and I had to leave and think about what I was going to do.  This whole process was more complicated than I anticipated.

The young man showed me several boards all which looked like a shorter version of my old fun shape board. I never surfed well on that board.  After I launch and just before I push up, the nose gets covered by the wave and in my mind, that means I’m going down head first into the water.  It happened on more than one occasion.   I admitted that it’s clearly in my head but I want a nose that points up and isn’t quite as broad, similar to the one I currently use.  I don’t ride a gun but I would like a board with a little better maneuverability in the water than what I have now, but also one that I still feel comfortable on, meaning at least 7′ long.

It was suggested that I go to Firewire surfboards and check out their foam calculator (link provided).  I went through the calculator once and it spit out all 6’4 ish boards for me so I went through it again (and cheated a little) saying that I’m a beginner/intermediate so it would give me longer board options.

I have a tendency to feel rushed to make a decision when no one is actually rushing me.  This is kind of like buying a new motorcycle or car.  I need to test drive it if I’m planning on buying something that’s not identical to what I have now.  I plan on trying out a few different boards on my anniversary trip to get a better feel for the ride of the shorter, epoxy boards.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stay tuned and keep surfing!