Surfboard Shopping, part 2

It was just another day at the beach with my Step Mom and Aunt.  The water was warm, the waves were small and the break wasn’t consistent but it was ride-able.  It was a fun day.  We have a nice little break in front Frank Rendon Park that we enjoy surfing and it didn’t disappoint.  I met a few people out on the water that day.  One was a teenager who recently learned how to surf and he loved to chit chat.

Another, was a lady who seemed to be in her early sixties surfing in a bikini.  She had so much energy that I couldn’t help but comment on it.  When the wave came she paddled as fast as she could and kicked her feet, whatever it took to get into the wave.  She’d only been surfing for about 5 years and wished she had started sooner.  Yes, she was stoked.

After the beach and a nice lunch at my Aunt’s house, I stopped by Mad Dog Surf Shop for a surfboard repair kit.  I selected Ding All Sun Cure by Block Surf.  I’ve used it in the past and know that it’s quick and makes for a beautiful repair.  And bonus, it’s made in Florida!  I love buying products made from local businesses.   It makes me feel like I’m doing my part to support our local economy.  Anyway…While I was there, I did a little surfboard shopping.


Now, to be fair these guys are surfers, not salesmen.

After picking up the repair kit, I mentioned I wanted to look at boards for a minute and they said, “OK” and left me to it.  However, the boards are lined up front to back very little space between and no way to see the board.  So as you can imagine I couldn’t ‘look’ at anything.  Once I started speaking with the clerk, he had a little more information on the newer epoxy boards.

He suggested not moving to a much smaller board thinking it will still be difficult for me since I’ve been riding longer boards since I started.  The newer boards do float better and you can use a smaller board but, why?  The more I think about it, the more I think I could purchase a new board but still keep it about 7’2″ and it’ll probably float more like a long board but have the same feel that I have right now.

Also, he suggested when I look at boards, to be wary and choose a good quality board.  An experienced surfer doesn’t want to end up with a cheap copy.  It will end up being difficult to use.  So, on to the next.  I’m still not sure what I want but I feel ever so slightly more informed.