To Paint or Not to Paint…


beachpicSome of you may have noticed that I started painting again this year.  I never think of myself as an artist but perhaps as an artistic soul.  When my girls were little, I used to sit in the play room when they were  napping or sleeping and paint murals.  There was even a time when I considered painting wall murals for extra money but I convinced myself that I didn’t have enough talent to make a business out of it. Over time, I moved on to crafting and sewing dresses like a lot of stay at home moms.  Eventually, I always came back to painting.

Last year, during one of my lunch breaks, one of my now former co-workers mentioned that my job was squashing my artistic side.  He said if I wasn’t careful, it would squash me artistically.  That’s a bit of an exaggeration but I heeded his words, none the less.  During that time I was working a lot of overtime, studying for my Cisco certification and trying desperately to help keep our MIS department afloat after several employees left our company.  So this year I made a pact with myself and I think I’m doing pretty well so far.

I decided to have a better attitude at work this year.  It’s not always easy but it less dramatic and makes a tough day more manageable.  I decided to meet with my friends more often, spend time in the Bible, blog weekly if I can and paint as often as possible.  Painting relaxes me and gives me a creative outlet.

Last year my daughter Taylor tried to get me to enter the Sanford art show.  Unfortunately or fortunately, you need more than one art piece to enter a show.  So for now, even though I’m still learning, I’m working on painting enough pieces to enter a show locally.  As much as I don’t want my art critiqued I would like to try my hand at selling them.  Maybe, by the time I retire I’ll have a nice little business, maybe I won’t either way I’m doing something I love and growing as an artistic soul.

I appreciate having so many friends and family that help me grow as a person.  Thank you for all the encouraging words so far and I will continue to share my paintings as long as you are eager to enjoy them.