New Orleans or Bust

Taylor and I are headed out to New Orleans, LA for a mini-vacation.  This is the closest to home than I’ve gone in a very long time so I’m excited for the trip.  From first grade on, I grew up in Lafayette and then lived in Baton Rouge for a while.  I visited New Orleans often as a young adult and am excited to see how they’ve managed to recover since hurricane Katrina flooded the area.

airport final

We planned this out a couple of months ago, way before the thunderstorms hovered over the Deep South, dumping inches of rain.  Baton Rouge is basically under water right now.  I did the responsible thing and called the hotel to find out if there is any flooding in New Orleans before heading out.  I got the all-clear and decided that the trip is still on.  I don’t expect it to be the same as originally planned.  There probably will be fewer people and less music but we’ve been talking about this trip for at least 4 years and are determined to see it through.

I can’t go on this trip without pondering the nearby devastation.  I’ll keep my fellow Louisianans in my prayers but, I will also attempt to enjoy our time away.  Please pray for everyone affected by the storms.  Many homes have been flooded, lives lost and families are suffering.