Working for Jesus

A few months ago, a former Metro class leader of mine suggested the title ‘Today God Is First’.  I just ordered a copy off Ebay and decided to give it a look.  I thought it was a regular book but it turns out that it’s a devotional.  Considering how difficult it can be to find inspiration at work and to work for God’s glory, I decided to read a few books that help me with this part of my life.

Bill was extremely excited about this particular book and told me I had to read it.  It changed his business life and he was so full of joy when we spoke about it that I wrote the title down to look up later.  I haven’t exactly had time to read unless it was school related, until now.  I’m hoping the Holy Spirit will continue to move in this area of my life.  And I’d like it t0 give me something valuable to bring back to you and my coworkers.  In the mean time I’m just glad to have a new devotion to go through.