Bell Pepper Plant vs Football

And the winner is…

wp-1475418448837.jpg It’s football season all over the U.S. Usually, football means sitting inside on the couch watching the game.  But football season collides with the last few months of summer that we get to enjoy around here since it’s hot until October in Florida.  Last weekend we were celebrating Travis’ 18th birthday out on the pool deck.  I had a swimming pool and patio full of teenagers.  And, I have to admit they are a pretty great group of kids.  Just having fun and laughing, we enjoy having them over to the house for parties.

It’s not unusual for the kids to play football in and around the pool and, to end up with a few screens knocked out in the process. We’re fortunate enough that Steve not only has the know-how but the tools to pop them back in the next day.  This time, however, we had an unforeseen accident.

Ok so… not completely unforeseen but, unusual none the less.  The plants make a cute addition to the back porch and I’m very happy with how healthy they look.  We did consider moving them for the party but didn’t follow through.  My plants were perfectly placed for full sun and protection from bugs and animals (most animals since the dogs run around the back porch).  But, they were not perfectly placed for protection from football.


The winner… well I guess we’ll see. We had one injured party and it was my bell pepper plant.  I did a quick Google search to find out “how to fix a broken pepper plant”.  I found out that I can put it in water but keep it indoors and it should grow roots. Once the roots grow I should be able to pot it.  It may not produce peppers from the top of the plant but the base looks fine so I’m hopeful.  I added a quick video so you can see what we ended up with.

Here’s a link to the video.  Pepper Plant vs Football