Upcycled Art Supply Cabinet

Formerly Known As a Buffet Table


A few weekends ago I spent a Saturday pulling apart and refinishing Steve’s old Server.  We’ve had it in our office for the past year.  I’ve been planning on refinishing and moving it out into the dining room to put my paint supplies in.  And with the recent addition of adult children moving into our house we had to do some quick re-arranging of furniture.  This prompted me to go ahead and get started on this project.

Unlike professional do-it-yourselfers, I do not have a before picture.  I did take a few pictures along the way to show the process but I accidentally deleted them. Oops!  Usually, I use oil based brush on glossy paint for my furniture projects.  This time it was Steve’s suggestion to spray paint the buffet.  I’ve never done this before and any time I’ve tried spray painting I end up with a drippy mess on my hands so I was nervous but, I decided to give it a try.

I wanted to be thorough so that I wouldn’t open a cabinet one day and be like, ‘I wish I would have painted that.’  We pulled the cabinet completely apart, first by removing the drawers then the cabinet doors and disassembling the side leafs.  We took off all the metal parts for painting since I didn’t want to tape the hinges and drawer pulls.  We used 320 grit sand paper blocks to scuff up all the surfaces of the wood to prepare it for painting.

My first go around with the spray paint made me feel like I was trying to be a graffiti artist.  And I should say, that graffiti art is not my forte.  I was getting a little frustrated and my honey took the time to show me how to spray paint furniture using slow, sweeping motions about 6 inches from the wood.  I had to slow down several times to get it right but eventually I got there.  The paint blobbed a little but, it did soak into the wood so it didn’t look bad, thank goodness.


I had completed about three coats when I ran out of paint.  A week later I make a quick trip to Michael’s to pick up more paint.  Here’s an FYI for you… Spray paint is almost twice as expensive at Michael’s as it is in Walmart.  Since Walmart didn’t have the exact color I was going for I opted for the more expensive option.  But as you can see we got a beautiful result mostly due to the finishing touches that Steve did to the Server.  He painted the final coats and painted the inside of the cabinet.  He even polished up the hinges before putting it back together.  I’m pretty excited about it and hope I don’t wait more than a year for my next project.