Surf Girl Saturdays

I used to have this routine when heading to the beach with my daughter, Taylor.  We’d get up early, say 7:30 on a Saturday.  We’d pack the cooler, throw our beach bags in the trunk and the surfboards on top of the car.  I’d drive us over to our neighborhood Panera Bread for a breakfast sandwich and coffee before driving the 50 minutes to New Smyrna Beach.

When I got to N.S.B., I would always drive to the boardwalk to do two things.  I’d hit the restroom which was much needed after the car ride, then walk to the railing and check out the waves.  If the waves were big enough I’d just drive straight down to the beach and surf in front of the Boardwalk.  If the waves were too small, we’d trek down toward the inlet to find a nicer break.

We were just two surfer girls hanging out during at the beach.  I was more friend than mother when we were in the water.  Whether it was a good surf day or a bad surf day (like I only stand up on my board once or there’s as much water up my nose as there is in the water) we enjoyed being there together.

Every summer I’d set a goal to go surfing say…twice a month or once a week, whatever I thought was feasible considering the activities we had going on.  I miss it and from time to time I try to get that back but I know those days will probably be few and far between.  Now, she’s all grown up, working, paying for her own apartment, not needing her mom quite as much as she used to.  But…I’ll keep inviting her to the beach and sometimes she’ll come with me.

And maybe next summer we can get to the beach together once a month…