This is my second attempt at making Fattigman cookies.  Hopefully I’m getting better at it but the jury is out on that one.  Fattigmans are a fried cookie native to Norway.  I’m using the recipe given to my Grandmother Brandt.  My grandfather’s family brought this recipe with them from Norway  and it’s a family favorite at Christmas time.

Every year my Grandmother shipped cookies to our family and I’m excited to carry on the tradtion.  The first batch may have been a little overcooked but it was tastey none the less.  There are many versions of this cookie that can be found online.  I actually watched a few videos to get a feel for how to cook them.  By the time I was on my final batch of cookies, the oil started to boil over.  Weird.  I used the same amount of oil at the same temperature when cooking every batch and I dumped it when it turned so not sure what happened but I may do a little research on it for next year.

Despite watching videos and seeing varying recipes, I kept to the family recipe.   This time I made the full recipe and cooked a few every night for three nights.  I can’t wait to hand them out to family for the Christmas and yes, I saved a few for myself.  One idea I did like, was putting powdered sugar on them.  The cookies are made without so the powdered sugar adds just a touch of sweetness.