Tis the Season for Baking…

Even though it’s 80 degrees outside, I’m in the mood to bake all day.  This is a yearly tradition that I usually enjoy with my girls but since they’re all grown up…I can bake whatever I want!  Haha!

This is the first year that I’ve made fudge.  I love this wicked little Christmas endulgence.  It’s so chocolaty that I can’t eat more than a couple and that makes it perfect for sharing.  I was a a little nervous about bringing the butter and sugar mixture to a rolling boil.  I thought I might ruin it but I kept the heat at the lower end of medium and I made it through without scorching it.

I made it through the rolling boil and on to the chocolate melting and marshmallow fluff.  I stirred for what seemed like forever and finally, the mixture blended into a creamy, chocolaty dream.  Since I don’t like nuts in the fudge I sprinkled a few on top for the people who do like it.  Hopefully this will taste as amazing as it looks.  If I can just wait until it cools off.