Weekends Were Made for Breakfast

At the end of a long week, I enjoy the lazy Saturdays when I cook up a delicious breakfast for my family.  Now, traditional pancakes and waffles are a no-no but, there are plenty of other options.  One of my favorite things to cook up is an amazing omlete from the week’s leftovers.  Now that I’m cooking more, there are usually a variety of ingredients to play around with.

I see lots of big breakfast recipes online but I’m working to keep my new recipes as close as possible to my old favorites.  This will hopefully, keep me on the right track.  Cooking shouldn’t feel like a chore.  And every new recipe takes more time the first few times you make it.

Cooking up an omelet is pretty quick and easy.  I’m going to share my recipe with you and of course, the ingredients can vary according to your personal taste.

Veggie Omlete


Two or three free range eggs

2 Tbs coconut milk

1/2 cup of baby spinach

1/8 cup tomato

1/8 cup avocado

1/4 cup cheese

Crack the eggs into a small bowl, then add milk and whisk.  Add in cheese and tomato while continuing to stir mixture.  Add the spinach at the end by placing spinach in the mixture and pushing it down so it gets wet.  Heat your medium sized pan on medium-low heat and place a teaspoon of ghee or butter in the pan.  Once the pan is warm, pour your ingredients into the pan.

This is where I start rearranging the veggies and cheese evenly through the egg mixture.  Once the egg starts to look like it’s drying, flip the omelet over.  After this, it should only be a minute or two until the omlete is cooked through.  I use a spatula to lift around the edges of the omlete and place it on a plate.  Once it’s on the plate you can fold it in half.