When Opportunity Meets Tenacity

My daughter, Taylor, saw an opportunity to work with wild animals in South Africa.  She found the website, researched the program and decided that she wanted to do this.  She worked hard, raised a little and saved a lot of the funds for the trip.  

Let me just say, this was not cheap.  These are volunteers paying their own way, much like church goers have to fund their mission trips.  I have to admit that we were both stressed over this trip.  Was this really the right time, when she has so many other things going on: moving, starting a new school?  

Once Taylor finally arrived at her destination we both relaxed a bit.  I knew she was safe.  And she was finally on the adventure she worked so hard for.  

While in South Africa, the other volunteers were gearing up for an elephant excursion over the weekend.  Since Taylor didn’t have the funds to go, she was able to observe the wildlife veterinarian.  She was allowed to be involved because she’s studying vet tech in school.

Taylor was initially disappointed that she couldn’t go with the rest of the group.  But, God has a way of creating opportunities from disappointments.  If things had gone differently, she would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.


She was able to be with one of the top wildlife veterinarians in the world during surgery.  If you knew the circumstances that caused her not to have a way to pay for the excursion, you would get it.  This meeting was by design.


Now, it’s up to Taylor to decide how this trip will impact her life.  What will she do with this experience?  God creates these situations and it’s up to us to do something with them.  When Christ opens a door, it’s up to us to decide to step through.