Paint Palette Review

I want to take some time this year and share a few things I’ve learned.  And the first thing on my agenda is palettes. I have experimented with a few different ones and would like to share my thoughts.

The first one was a standard plastic palette. I call it my Bob Ross palette. It is great it’s easy to hold. I do like to save my pants on the palette so that, when I mix paints the next day I can make sure my colors match the colors that I’ve been working with. I’m a little on the slow side when it comes to painting so, I’m not going to get a painting done in a day.


The problem with keeping paint on this type of palette, is that it kind of became a solid part of the palette and I wasn’t able to get it off as you can see.
Now this is art.

I decided to try a few others, so I moved on to this lovely palette. It has several sections for paint. And a section to mix paint, which I thought was totally cool. I really liked it at first but, as it turns out, it’s really better for my watercolors. I have watercolors that come in a tube, so I use the small sections as my watercolor pans. The larger areas are used to mix the colors with water.


I clean up the middle of the palette when I’m ready to paint. I can leave the watercolors in the pans and I don’t worry about it since watercolors will be fine once I add water. It’s wonderful for watercolor I do not recommend this for acrylics.

Next, I tried one of those peel off pallets.

I really liked it but the problem with those is sometimes you have to scrape the paint off. Especially, if you leave a thin layer of paint to dry. Once you scrape it you scratch the surface. Then the paint sticks and its hard to get off and you scratch it more when cleaning. It’s an endless cycle.

The last one is the paper palette. I really like this one right now. I’d really like one with the thumb hole because I do tend to hold my palette and this is a little awkward but for now I’m using it on a table.


But, this is really great because I can pull the page off and then I’ve got a clean sheet. Also, I can keep my colors premixed that are dried up from the night before here next to me so that I have something to compare my colors against.  So for right now, this has been a wonderful palette.

Also, I don’t have to rinse this one off since I am throwing them away. I realize that generates waste but at the same time I’m not sending my acrylic paint down the sink which is very disturbing. I don’t want to ruin my pipes so, I try to send as little paint as possible down the sink.

I highly recommend the paper palette.  To find it at the store look for palette paper. They come in small and large sizes. I suggest you always buy it on sale. They sell them at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.