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What? No surf? Let’s take pictures instead.

My first time surfing was at the age of fifteen.  My parents let me use a board and a teen boy helped me stand up and push my way through the water.  It was clumsy but fun. Fast forward ten years…

At the age of twenty-five I tried again.  I started to go surfing on the weekends with my parents, eventually renting a surfboard for myself.  It only took one good ride for me to get surf stoked!  I would put my daughter in the Mom’s Day Out program at our church and head to the beach with my step-mom.  Anytime I could steal a few hours away, I would drive to New Smyrna Beach, rent a board and surf for a couple of hours. Eventually, I received my own used surfboard as a gift.


Beach Birthday Bash…Yes I love the attention.

Almost fearlessly, I would head to the beach with or without someone with me.  I always surfed in front of a lifeguard or in a group of surfers for safety.  I looked like a beginner for about ten years.  Didn’t I say something earlier about clumsy…yeah, that’s me.

Surfing is where I feel the most like myself.  There’s peace on the water and I can’t help but feel the presence of God when I’m sitting on my board.  I am humbled and grateful for my time on the ocean waves.  Although this is a big part of my life, it’s not all of it.

This blog is about the real life of a modern woman/surfer grounded in the middle of the sunshine state.  I get to the beach when I can but the reality is, when I’m not on the water…life continues.   I find it just as hard as the next person to maintain a work-life balance and feel at peace with my life.

There are many times when I’m completely spent, work too much and forget my priorities.  But work-life balance is possible and we can find it together.  I usually go to a happy place, whether it’s surfing, painting, working out or hanging with family or friends.

If all you can find on a weekend is 4 hours to yourself, grab it, find your board and head the beach.  After all…Mom’s surf too.

Jen's favorite surfboard

See you at the beach!