New Collection Coming Soon

I'm finally making progress on my newest collection. It's going to very limited for now. If I see significant interest I may add to it at another time. I'm super excited about this one. I'm using wood panels as the surface. This gives me a nice smooth workspace. I put a coat of gesso to … Continue reading New Collection Coming Soon

Summer 2022 Art Print Giveaway

Giveaway Time! Win this Crashing Wave Canvas Art Print for your home or give it to someone you love! Click here to enter -> Win this Crashing Wave Canvas Art Print for your home or give it to someone you love! **You have several opportunities to win but not all are required! **You are … Continue reading Summer 2022 Art Print Giveaway

Abstract Painting collection

On the days that I've tried to go surfing, the weather has been terrible so I've been working on my Etsy shop and painting away. I've got a new collection coming out in April. I've been creating a few abstract pieces. I wanted to try something different and admittedly, the colors aren't cohesive but I … Continue reading Abstract Painting collection

Another cold surf Day

I got together with my surf girl meetup group today and it was brrrrr outside. This time I can say I waves. My confidence is still low but, I had a great time and that's really all that matters. Speaking of cold water. Surfing in January requires a wetsuit here in Central Florida. Two … Continue reading Another cold surf Day

Surfing in January

Admittedly, I can barely call what I did today surfing.  I did, however, get some paddling practice in.  The waves were small but the conditions were beautiful aside from that. The water temp today was somewhere between 64 and 55. I put my wetsuit on over my rash guard in hopes of adding an extra … Continue reading Surfing in January

Quarterly Sales Tax

When I hear the term quarterly sales tax, I think, "Ugh!" The dreaded state sales taxes. Whether I like it or not, it's just a normal part of doing business. Well, it took a few days of concentrated effort but I managed to get them completed and submitted on time. Whew! I updated the spreadsheets … Continue reading Quarterly Sales Tax

Ready, Set, Go!

I did figure out a logo and branding colors that will work for me. I've spent the last few days implementing these across platforms. I still have to take care of the legal stuff but, that is currently in process. The decision has been made to rebrand. Surprisingly, I'm actually excited about it. I love … Continue reading Ready, Set, Go!