Star of Wonder

I had a new experience with my painting in December.  I had a pretty clear vision in my head about what I wanted to paint.  I wanted a large modern looking Nativity scene to hang up next to my Christmas tree.  I figured I would enjoy it for the holiday and then paint over it … Continue reading Star of Wonder

The Master Painter

Today I'm sharing with you my love of the painting process. You may have noticed, if you are on my Facebook or Instagram pages, that I post pictures as I go. I'll start with what is called the under painting. Then, I'll add a layer for the background, sometimes it's the sky, ocean, mountains or … Continue reading The Master Painter

Winter Park Plein Air Painting

I spent a portion of my day in Winter Park on Park Ave,  yesterday.  Winter Park is one of my favorite places.  They have a beautiful park across from several shops and restaurants.  It's really lovely when It's not packed with people. I've been wanting to attempt painting outside in Plein Air as they call … Continue reading Winter Park Plein Air Painting

Golden Skies

Tonight's painting was one I started sketching out yesterday but when I went in search of the drawing, it was no where to be found.  So, I had no choice but to use my imagination.  I could add leaves for hours but I'm pretty tired.   Have a good night all!  Keep painting!