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Weekends Were Made for Breakfast

At the end of a long week, I enjoy the lazy Saturdays when I cook up a delicious breakfast for my family.  Now, traditional pancakes and waffles are a no-no but, there are… Continue reading

The Quest for Chocolate

I purchased some amazing chocolate at Whole Foods Market a few weeks ago.  They are allowed on the maintenance plan but expensive.  $4.00 for a bar of 80% dark chocolate is a bit… Continue reading

My Virgin Diet Experience, Part 6

My disclaimer is as follows… if you try to do the Virgin Diet using just my blog, it just won’t work.  This blog is simply a record of my experiences and some tips… Continue reading

My Virgin Diet Experience, Part 5

Restaurant Dining Welcome to MomsSurfToo!  I’ve recently taken a writing detour into a dietary playground.  It started with a little research on how foods can affect your allergies and cause joint inflammation.  I… Continue reading

Quick Honey Garlic Chicken

I thoroughly enjoyed this quick chicken dinner and of course I had to put my own spin on it.  This is a one pan chicken recipe.  I used two free range chicken breasts… Continue reading

My Virgin Diet Experience, Part 4

I have a tendency to over analyze things a bit.  Let’s face it, I work in I.T. and I wouldn’t be as good at my job if I didn’t.  J.J. Virgin has a… Continue reading

My Virgin Diet Experience, Part 3

Last week, I did a run down on my local stores and markets in relation to the elimination diet I’m doing. If you haven’t read my previous columns, here’s an explanation.  I going… Continue reading

The Crepe Experiment

Since I’ve made some changes to my diet I keep looking for new recipes that I can make at home to replace my tried and true meals.  I’ve decided to quickly share as… Continue reading

My Virgin Diet Experience, Part 2

My hope for you, is that should you decide to try The Virgin Diet, you will be better prepared than I was.

My Virgin Diet Experience, Part 1

  If you know me, you know I’m pretty active.  I may not workout everyday but I go to the gym at least twice a week and go biking or surfing on the… Continue reading