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Winter Park Plein Air Painting

I spent a portion of my day in Winter Park on Park Ave,  yesterday.  Winter Park is one of my favorite places.  They have a beautiful park across from several shops and restaurants.… Continue reading

When Opportunity Meets Tenacity

My daughter, Taylor, saw an opportunity to work with wild animals in South Africa.  She found the website, researched the program and decided that she wanted to do this.  She worked hard, raised… Continue reading

Easter Bunnies, Baskets and Stories

“Oh my goodness”, I thought.  “It’s Easter!  I can’t wait to see what the Easter Bunny brought me!”  I bounced out of bed and ran down the hall, my golden hair floating behind… Continue reading

Upcycled Art Supply Cabinet

Formerly Known As a Buffet Table A few weekends ago I spent a Saturday pulling apart and refinishing Steve’s old Server.  We’ve had it in our office for the past year.  I’ve been… Continue reading

Hurricane Matthew Touches Florida

I just watched a little news this morning and I can’t believe that Hurricane Matthew isn’t done tearing up the South East Coast.  The massive hurricane destroyed parts of Haiti before setting it’s… Continue reading

Bell Pepper Plant vs Football

And the winner is…  It’s football season all over the U.S. Usually, football means sitting inside on the couch watching the game.  But football season collides with the last few months of summer… Continue reading

Working for Jesus

A few months ago, a former Metro class leader of mine suggested the title ‘Today God Is First’.  I just ordered a copy off Ebay and decided to give it a look.  I… Continue reading

Pepper Plant

Quick video about my pepper plant. A few months ago I saw a beautiful pepper plant decorating the flower bed of a hotel in Texas.  I thought the plant was adorable and felt… Continue reading

New Orleans or Bust

Taylor and I are headed out to New Orleans, LA for a mini-vacation.  This is the closest to home than I’ve gone in a very long time so I’m excited for the trip. … Continue reading

Welcome To My World

My lovely husband likes to refer to me as ‘the least techie tech person’ he knows.  I’d have to say that there’s validity in this statement.  My twitter account, which I barely used,… Continue reading