Surfboard Shopping Part 3

You may be familiar with New Smyrna Beach, FL.  It's a cute little beach front town in Central Florida.  It's our little not so hidden treasure.  We go there at least 3 or 4 times a year for surfing and beach time.  It's definitely one of my favorite places.  A few weekends ago my hubby [...]

On The Water, Alone with God

I read an article last year that proclaimed that surfing is now officially a religion instead of a sport.  I'm sure the group who decided this, did plenty of surveys and pulled statistics from various sources.  Although there are very spiritual aspects of surfing, it's what you make of it whether it's a sport, career or [...]

To Paint or Not to Paint…

To Paint or Not to Paint…

...Paint! Some of you may have noticed that I started painting again this year.  I never think of myself as an artist but perhaps as an artistic soul.  When my girls were little, I used to sit in the play room when they were  napping or sleeping and paint murals.  There was even a time [...]

Surfboard Shopping, part 2

It was just another day at the beach with my Step Mom and Aunt.  The water was warm, the waves were small and the break wasn't consistent but it was ride-able.  It was a fun day.  We have a nice little break in front Frank Rendon Park that we enjoy surfing and it didn't disappoint.  [...]

Surfboard Shopping

A little over a week ago my husband and I stopped by RedDog Surf Shop in New Smyrna Beach to look at surfboards.  I just finished my inaugural surf day for the spring and wanted to check out some boards.  Normally, when I go surfboard perusing I look, touch, check the height and shape and keep [...]

DIY Surfboard Repair…Almost Fail

If you remember,  We were preparing to go the the surf festival a few weeks ago.  I went to grab my surfboard, only to discover that it had a good size crack down the middle.  It was a very sad moment in my surfing history.    This Saturday was the day.  I was all siked [...]

Easter Surf Festival, Cocoa Beach

  Every 3 years or so I try to make it out to the Easter Surf Festival at Cocoa Beach.  I love it because it marks the beginning of the surf season for me.  The water is starting to warm up and the sun is bringing the temperature nearer to 80 degrees. Before I got out [...]