Bell Pepper Plant vs Football

And the winner is…  It’s football season all over the U.S. Usually, football means sitting inside on the couch watching the game.  But football season collides with the last few months of summer… Continue reading

Working for Jesus

A few months ago, a former Metro class leader of mine suggested the title ‘Today God Is First’.  I just ordered a copy off Ebay and decided to give it a look.  I… Continue reading

Pepper Plant

Quick video about my pepper plant. A few months ago I saw a beautiful pepper plant decorating the flower bed of a hotel in Texas.  I thought the plant was adorable and felt… Continue reading

New Orleans or Bust

Taylor and I are headed out to New Orleans, LA for a mini-vacation.  This is the closest to home than I’ve gone in a very long time so I’m excited for the trip. … Continue reading

Surfboard Shopping Part 3

You may be familiar with New Smyrna Beach, FL.  It’s a cute little beach front town in Central Florida.  It’s our little not so hidden treasure.  We go there at least 3 or… Continue reading

On The Water, Alone with God

I read an article last year that proclaimed that surfing is now officially a religion instead of a sport.  I’m sure the group who decided this, did plenty of surveys and pulled statistics from… Continue reading

To Paint or Not to Paint…

…Paint! Some of you may have noticed that I started painting again this year.  I never think of myself as an artist but perhaps as an artistic soul.  When my girls were little,… Continue reading

Surfboard Shopping, part 2

It was just another day at the beach with my Step Mom and Aunt.  The water was warm, the waves were small and the break wasn’t consistent but it was ride-able.  It was… Continue reading

Surfboard Shopping

A little over a week ago my husband and I stopped by RedDog Surf Shop in New Smyrna Beach to look at surfboards.  I just finished my inaugural surf day for the spring and… Continue reading


Pannekaker: Norwegian Pancakes This morning I woke up eager to cook waffles which is one of my favorite weekend breakfast foods.  I bought fresh strawberries after listening to my daughter’s story of visiting the… Continue reading