DIY Surfboard Repair…Almost Fail

If you remember,  We were preparing to go the the surf festival a few weeks ago.  I went to grab my surfboard, only to discover that it had a good size crack down… Continue reading

Sweet Potato Pie

Jen’s First Attempt at Sweet Potato Pie   Remember how I said that I a have a tendency to make the occasional mistake when cooking.  I am by no means a foodie, chef,… Continue reading

Easter Surf Festival, Cocoa Beach

  Every 3 years or so I try to make it out to the Easter Surf Festival at Cocoa Beach.  I love it because it marks the beginning of the surf season for… Continue reading

Spring Surf

Ok, so to be honest with you, I haven’t surfed in over a year.  Not because I don’t want to, but I was a little pre-occupied with getting married and working on our… Continue reading

Blessings from God

Thursday, I worked in one of our rehabilitation facilities.  It was like any other day.  My boss sent me in to take care of a quick fix and I ended up finishing my day there.  On my… Continue reading

Welcome To My World

My lovely husband likes to refer to me as ‘the least techie tech person’ he knows.  I’d have to say that there’s validity in this statement.  My twitter account, which I barely used,… Continue reading